Ryobi 40V HP Brushless 18″ Chainsaw

Ryobi has announced a new 40V HP brushless 18 inch chainsaw model RY40HPCW01B as a baretool and RY40HPCW01K as a kit. Let’s check it out below.

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Ryobi 40V HP Brushless 18″ Chainsaw – Features

Ryobi 40V HP Brushless 18" Chainsaw

Ryobi adds this new 18 inch chainsaw to their powerful line of HP brushless products. Nearly a year ago Ryobi released the 20 inch 40V HP brushless chainsaw and now this is their latest 18 inch version. Featuring a similar design (not the same but similar) but with an 18 inch bar and chain. Though it may seem like a pointless additional model having the similar design but with slightly smaller bar, the good news is that it is $100 cheaper in both baretool and kit form than the 20 incher. It appears that the original 20 inch model uses a double stud design, while this newer model uses a single stud design. There are probably more changes internally as well.

This new 18 inch model features a brushless motor which Ryobi claims delivers more power than a 40cc gas chainsaw. And since it’s electric, you don’t have to hassle with the downsides of gas such as consumables like oil and fuel, and engine maintenance. You also gain easy push button starts and quieter operation since there’s no gas engine buzzing around.

Ryobi 40V HP Brushless 18" Chainsaw

Chain tension is adjusted using the included combination wrench to adjust the single stud. You can get up to over 9o cuts per charge with a 6ah battery. And with its 18 inch bar, you can make cuts up to 32 inch wide (with two passes of course). It also features a mechanical chain brake and metal bucking spikes for kickback protection.

Ryobi 40V HP Brushless 18" Chainsaw

I greatly like that they include a nice storage and carrying case to store and protect your investment.

Ryobi 40V HP Brushless 18″ Chainsaw – Pricing & Availability

It will be available in April 2024 for $278 as a baretool and $379 as a kit.


  • RY40HPCW01B: (Tool-Only)
  • RY40HPCW01K: (Kit with 40V 6Ah Lithium Battery)


  • 40V HP Technology delivers more power than a 40cc gas chainsaw, making it a true gas replacement
  • Over 90 cuts per charge using a 40V 6Ah battery
  • 18″ bar and chain tackles cuts up to 32″ making it ideal for felling, bucking, and limbing
  • Powerful brushless motor, advanced electronics, and lithium batteries provide more power, runtime, and durability
  • Experience gas performance with just the pull of a trigger. No gas, no maintenance, no hassle.
  • Premium full house chain delivers longer runtime and faster cutting
  • Automatic oiler keeps the chain consistently lubricated for a longer chain life
  • Variable speed trigger gives maximum control for a variety of applications
  • Mechanical chain brake and metal bucking spikes for kickback protection
  • Make precise adjustments with the tooled chain tensioning system
  • On-board tool storage for convenient access
  • Easy starting with cordless convenience
  • Compatible with RY18C1 replacement chain
  • Part of the RYOBI 40V System – Any 40V Battery Works With Any 40V Product
  • 5-year manufacturer’s tool warranty, 3-year battery warranty
  • RY40HPCW01B Includes: RY40HPCW01 40V HP Brushless 18” Chainsaw, Scabbard, Combination Wrench, Carry Case, & Operator’s Manual
  • RY40HPCW01K Includes: RY40HPCW01 40V HP Brushless 18” Chainsaw, 40V 6Ah Lithium Battery, 40V Charger, Scabbard, Combination Wrench, Carry Case, & Operator’s Manuals

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