New Ego 21″ LM2142SP Self Propelled Dual Port Mower With Peak Power Can Use Two Batteries Together

Ego has now come out with a new 21″ LM2142SP Self Propelled Mower With Peak Power that can use two batteries together for increased runtime and efficient power draw.

Up until now all of Ego’s mowers have used a single battery and I thought this was great because when paired with their 5.0 and 7.5 ah batteries, the runtime was more than enough. At least for me it was. When battery powered mowers started gaining traction, many of them had dual battery compartments. This was because runtime wasn’t very good in the early days and the second battery slot didn’t have an electronic connection but was there as storage so you had the second battery on hand when the first gave out. This meant easy on the spot battery changes without having to go back to your garage and retrieve the second battery. Honestly I liked Ego’s approach of one battery being enough however they’ve probably saw a market for homeowners that needed more runtime than what they currently offered with one on-board battery.

Ego’s latest 21″ self propelled mower houses and can use two batteries together at the same time so no need for swapping batteries in the yard. Only one battery is needed to operate while the second battery extends runtime. According to Ego, it will draw power from both batteries if two are inserted rather than switching to the other when one runs out. The mower itself looks very similar to Ego’s first 21″ self propelled mower, which is the one I currently use however the biggest change seems to be the double battery slot on the motor mount and a reference to something called Peak Power technology. They don’t go over what this means exactly but it’s probably a marketing term for it’s variable speed speed motor that runs at peak performance for each situation. I expect it to operate much like the first Ego 21″ self propelled mower where it uses only the needed amount of torque and speed to cut grass so it’s optimized for runtime. Basically it runs at minimum speed and ramps up when more torque is needed. I wonder if this is the same exact system that’s used in the first 21″ self propelled mower but just given a fancy new marketing slogan to make it seem like something “NEW” and “BETTER” or if it’s an actual improvement?

According to the Ego power plus website, this new mower has a runtime up to 90 minutes however that conflicts with what their manual says which states up to 120 minutes with two 7.5 ah batteries (not included) or up to 80 minutes with two 5.0 ah batteries (included). Of course these runtimes are with light loads and you can expect less runtime with heavy loads of up to 40 minutes with two 5.0’s or up to 60 minutes with two 7.5’s.

Other features include 6 position deck height adjustment, dual head lights, variable speed self propelled and can bag, mulch and side discharge.

The new mower comes as a kit with two 5.0 ah batteries and their fast charger for $749 as a kit. I would have preferred if they included a dual charger but seeing as they don’t have any and because it only requires one battery to operate, it shouldn’t be too big of a deal.

A big thanks to Frank Williams for sharing!

  • 21 self-propelled mower
  • Features PeakPower technology
  • Includes (2) 5.0Ah batteries and charger
  • Variable speed control
  • 6-position deck height adjustment
  • Compatible with any EGO 56-Volt battery
  • Folds easily for compact storage
  • LED headlights
  • 5-year limited warranty

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i have read that this mower can go up to 3500 rpm, while the single battery 21inch goes up to about 2800 rpm.

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