Ego Commercial 800 CFM Backpack Blower

Ego has a new powerful cordless commercial backpack blower that puts out 800 CFM! Let’s check it out below.

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Ego Commercial 800 CFM Backpack Blower

Ego Commercial 800 CFM Backpack Blower

Ego’s latest battery powered backpack blower is a commercial model. It is battery electric (cordless) and operates on two Ego 56V batteries. Thanks to the power of two batteries and a powerful brushless motor, it is rated to deliver up to 1,900 of max power and 1,700 rated power. What does that mean in practical terms? It means it can output a whopping max 800 CFM of air volume at 190 MPH! That’s a lot of pushing power.

Ego says it has 26N of push force and performance similar to a 60CC gas engine. But since it is battery electric, that means no hassle of gas equipment. Easy push start, no fumes, no mixing oil and gas and consumables.

As far as noise is concerned, Ego states it is rated at 65db(A) at 50 feet.

What makes it commercial grade? Ego says it has commercial grade electronics along with active electronics cooling.

Ego Commercial 800 CFM Backpack Blower – Features

Ego Commercial 800 CFM Backpack Blower rear

Ego’s batteries are not small and light like 18V batteries are. They’re actually considerably larger and heavier so it makes good sense to put they battery weight on your back as a backpack harness. Especially since you are carrying two of them at a time. Ego says it has premium straps and backpads for all day comfort.

The harness has double handles on the sides and the top and bottom is another set of handles. These handles make it easy to transport.

Another benefit of backpack blowers is that most of the weight and heft is on your back. Thus making the blower portion much lighter and easier to use and maneuver for longer periods of time.

Ego Commercial 800 CFM Backpack Blower panel

The blower handle trigger has a nice digital display and controls.

You can purchase this in several options. There is a baretool option and two kit options. The kit’s come with two batteries and a dual charger in either 6.0ah or 10.0ah batteries.

Ego Commercial 800 CFM Backpack Blower – Runtime

Runs up to 120 minutes on low, 30 minutes on high, 25 minutes on turbo when paired with two 6.0ah batteries. Runs up to 240 minutes on low, 60 minutes on high, 50 minutes on turbo when paired with two 56V 12.0Ah batteries.

Ego Commercial 800 CFM Backpack Blower – Pricing & Availability

The LBPX8000 baretool is priced at $399.99. The LBPX8004-2 two 6.0ah battery kit is priced at $699.99 and the LBPX8006-2 two 10ah battery kit is priced at $1299.99.

  • Brushless motor delivers 1,900W max power, 1,700W rated power
  • 60cc gas engine equivalent
  • Peak Power™ combines the power of any two EGO 56V ARC Lithium™ batteries to deliver 800 CFM
  • Runs up to 120 minutes on low, 30 minutes on high, 25 minutes on turbo with two recommended 56V 6.0Ah ARC Lithium™ batteries
  • 65db(A) decibel rating at 50 feet meets ANSI standards
  • IPX5-rated weather-resistant construction
  • Commercial-grade electronics with active electronics cooling
  • Premium straps and back pads for all-day comfort
  • Digital controls with turbo lock to tailor performance to the way you work
  • Fully adjustable hand grip and tube
  • Fully serviceable mechanicals for minimal downtime
  • Dual grab handles for easy loading from job to job
  • Compatible with all EGO 56V ARC Lithium™ batteries (available separately)

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  • Ecotek says:

    Yes, but what does it weigh with the batteries? I think larger gas models are 30+ pounds, right?

    • Javier says:

      Hey Ecotek,

      How are ya?

      I’m not sure how much a gas backpack blower weighs as I’ve never used one myself.
      I tried finding weight numbers for the new Ego backpack and batteries. This is what I could find.

      I couldn’t find a clear number for the backpack by itself. The Ego website doesn’t make the weight of the baretool clear, at least I couldn’t find it. Ohio says 20 lbs but Acme shows 26.9 package weight and 16.3 assembled weight. Actually the manual states the backpack blower without batteries is 16.3 lbs.

      According to the Ego website, the 6ah battery is 6.2 lbs
      the 10ah is 7.4 lbs
      and the 12ah 7.9 lbs

      So you can add the weight of the backpack plus two batteries of your choice to figure out the total weight. Looks like the blower with a pair of 6ah batteries is 28.7 lbs.

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