Hercules Table Saw / Miter Saw Stand / Cordless Circular Saw Spotted

Joshua B. the dude that spotted the new Hercules Miter Saw stand and following HF product video spotted a couple of new previously unknown items in that same video. We can see a new Hercules table saw in the video in the short clip where the guy takes the miter saw out of his truck but in that same truck bed is a new portable Hercules branded table saw in the back. It’s not the best of pictures as the spotlight of the video is not on the table saw but on the miter saw.

What we can glean from the short clip is that it’s a portable table saw and just like the rest of Hercules power tools, it too looks like a rip off of a Dewalt tool as it resembles the signature looks of Dewalt’s very own portable jobsite table saws with their well known roll cage frame and all. What I don’t see though is Dewalt’s well known rack and pinion fence system as I don’t see it’s turning knob. But who knows, we might see this feature included as it wouldn’t be a true Dewalt replica without it.

We also see the Hercules miter saw attached to a Hercules branded miter saw stand. Just like the table saw, we can’t see the whole thing but we can see that it looks solid, has sliding extensions built in and folding legs. What I can’t tell is if it has built in wheels or not for transport. Again, the focus of this video is the miter saw not anything else.

The above two Hercules items were spotted by Joshua B. but after the fact I carefully examined the video myself to see what else I could find and I found out we can see a blue cordless circular saw in the workbench in the back. This is most likely the long awaited Hercules 20V 6-1/2 inch circular saw that I wrote about here. This saw’s existence isn’t anything new if you’ve been following the Tool Craze website or have seen the store posters in person but this is the first time that I know of it being spotted in real form other than a product picture.

It’s hard to see much detail on the saw as it’s in the back of the frame and slightly out of focus but we can see that it has a built in rafter hook which I didn’t expect. Very few cordless circular saws have rafter hooks and most that do are regular sized 7-1/4″ inch models. That is not to say that this is going to be a 7-1/4 inch model as it’s already been advertised as a 6-1/2 inch model. It’s also a right handed circular saw with it’s left blade placement which I think is a great idea as most people are right handed.

Now that we know these tools are coming soon I wonder how much they will retail for? They obviously can’t compete head to head in price as that would defeat the purpose of shopping at Harbor Freight so it’s guaranteed they will be cheaper than their name brand counterparts, but by how much? Hercules’ new miter saw is less expensive than it’s Dewalt counterpart but still pricey for HF at $400! I doubt their miter saw stand will retail for $200 or anywhere near it as Dewalt’s similar looking miter saw stand is at $200. My guess is under $150 for the Hercules stand. As for the Hercules table saw, Dewalt is selling their DWE7480 table saw for $380 so you’d think they would sell theirs for $300 but that wouldn’t be wise on their part because Dewalt’s DW745 table saws are still being sold as new old stock for around $300-330 and is still a solid table saw at that price so my guess is the Hercules should be around $250 or less to be competitive.

As for the cordless 20V Hercules circular saw, Dewalt’s 6-1/2 inch brushed motor model is priced at $99 baretool. The only way Hercules to be competitive is if they sell their’s for around the same price as Dewalt’s saw as a baretool but as a kit with one battery and charger. Maybe in the ball park of $100-$120. Remember Harbor Freight has to sell their tools for less than the competition otherwise why would we be tempted to buy their tools over the real deal? What do you guys think?

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Joshua B

Although I did spot the Hercules 20v circular saw and the Hercules miter saw stand, the credit for spotting the table saw goes to Red Beard and the den of tools on YouTube. Great article as always


Saw one today. Sign said it was only available for a limited time. It was marked at $189.00 BTW HF coupon cannot be used for Hercules tools.

Josh The Tooldude

I don’t know about him but I saw the Hercules miter saw stand in my store today for $189.99 looks pretty good.


I was referring to the Hercules stand. I wound up buying the Chicago Pneumantic. Hercules stand was way nicer, fit, finish. Just couldn’t resist grey one for $99 with coupon.


Almost a year later and it’s finally in the catalog (March 2019, Issue 8936-T2). The coupon on page 10 of the catalog shows a price of $299.99. http://imgur.com/NZfqQsF It’s not even on the website yet, which is disappointing, sice there’s very little info in the catalog. Just by the picture, it looks like it’s a downmarket version of the Dewalt DWE7480. Shame they didn’t replicate the pinion fence adjustment

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