Milwaukee M18 FUEL 5 CFM Vacuum Pump 2941-21

Announced is the new Milwaukee M18 FUEL 5 CFM Vacuum Pump 2941-21. Milwaukee cuts the cord for HVAC techs so they don’t need to hunt for cords. Let’s check out their new M18 vacuum pump below.

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Milwaukee M18 FUEL 5 CFM Vacuum Pump 2941-21 – Features


Milwaukee’s M18 Fuel 5 CFM vacuum pump is battery powered. This means you don’t have to hunt for outlets and use extension cords or deal with generators. Just cordless convenience. Yet Milwaukee was able to give the same performance as a corded vac pump. They say it’s just as fast.

Milwaukee M18 FUEL 5 CFM Vacuum Pump 2941-21 in action

This vacuum pump is designed for residential and light commercial technicians to help with the evacuation stage of HVAC installations and repairs. For flow restricted manifold setups, Milwaukee says their Vacuum pump is designed with an industry first manifold mode. This mode is said to maximize speed and runtime. This model offers up to 90 minutes of runtime while the default mode offers up to 60 minutes (for evacuations using direct connections and large 1/2″ hoses). This runtime is based on the included 8.0ah battery. Of course, you’re able to get even longer runtime with a larger capacity battery or less runtime when used with a smaller capacity battery.

It is thoughtfully designed featuring an isolation ball valve to isolate the pump for easy battery changes. Also an internal check valve to help protect the system vacuum when the pump isn’t running. And also a gas ballast valve which extends oil life and reduces the frequency of oil changes. Other features include a large oil port and angled oil drain pan for easy oil changes without a funnel. It also features easily replaceable parts to extend the use of the pump in the long term with quick on the field repairs according to Milwaukee.

Milwaukee M18 FUEL 5 CFM Vacuum Pump 2941-21 – Pricing & Availability

It will be available in June 2023 as a kit for $849.99

Milwaukee M18 FUEL 5 CFM Vacuum Pump 2941-21

  • Port Compatibility: 1/2″ port, 1/4″ port and 3/8” port
  • Weight: 19lbs (Tool Only)
  • Warranty: 2 year tool, 3 year battery
  • Isolating Ball Valve: Yes
  • Internal Check Valve: Yes
  • A2L System Compatible: Yes, See Manual
  • Ultimate Vacuum: 25 microns
  • Pump Type: Two-Stage Rotary Vane
  • Kit Includes: (1) M18 FUEL™ 5 CFM Vacuum Pump, (1) M18™ REDLITHIUM™ HIGH OUTPUT™ XC 8.0 Battery, (1) M18™ and M12™ Rapid Charger

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