Makita 18V LXT 3 Speed 1/2″ Impact Wrench w/ Detent Anvil XWT19

Makita announces their latest 18V LXT 3 speed 1/2″ impact wrench with detent anvil model XWT19. Let’s check it out below.

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Makita 18V LXT 3 Speed 1/2″ Impact Wrench w/ Detent Anvil XWT19 – Features

Makita 18V LXT 3 Speed 1/2" Impact Wrench w/ Detent Anvil XWT19

Makita’s latest impact wrench is part of the 18V LXT system so that you don’t think all their attention is squarely focused on just their newer 40V platform. They are still producing new 18V tools as we can see. This new impact wrench is a strong one and ideal for pro users in the automotive, installation, and fabrication trades.

This new model is a brushless 3 speed impact wrench with a 1/2″ square drive with detent anvil. It’s a strong impact wrench boasting 780 and 960 ft-lbs of fastening and nut-busting torque respectively. Notice how they don’t call this a “high torque” impact wrench. That’s because though being very strong, it’s not up to par with a today’s high torque impact wrenches that are in the realm of 1,300-1,600 ft-lbs torque and climbing.

Makita’s latest impact wrench also measures in at 8-3/4 inches in length meaning that it is longer than more powerful impact wrenches today. Power tool brands today are always working hard at leap-frogging the competition to see who can make the most powerful and most compact power tools. It appears that Makita is not looking to compete in either of these areas with this model. But then again they aren’t marketing this as a high torque model.

Makita 18V LXT 3 Speed 1/2" Impact Wrench w/ Detent Anvil XWT19

Other features include 3 selectable speeds apart from its variable speed trigger. Twin LED lights with preglow and afterglow, and a large oversized squared belt clip. It appears as though it might fit onto a 2×4 from the images though don’t quote me on that. It also features a flexible joint that isolates the battery from the grip designed to reduce wear on the battery contacts. And you’ll also find Makita’s XPT (extreme protection) which is essentially a protective seal inside the tool to protect key internal components from the elements by channeling water and dust way from them.

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