Makita 18V String Trimmer XRU24Z – Beginner Friendly Model

Just announced is a new cordless Makita 18V string trimmer model XRU24Z featuring a homeowner friendly 2 in 1 design. Let’s check it out below.

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Makita 18V String Trimmer XRU24Z – Features

Makita 18V String Trimmer XRU24Z

Makita is clearly no stranger to outdoor power equipment. They pride themselves on their wide range of power tools for lawn care for both the DIY’ers and Pros. This particular string trimmer is geared towards homeowners, especially those new to using this type of tool.

Makita 18V String Trimmer XRU24Z pivoting head

First off, it has a rotating and pivoting head. This allows the head to be angled to make it easier to use as an edger.

Makita 18V String Trimmer XRU24Z in action

This is where Makita markets it as a “2 in 1” tool in that you can operate it normally as a string trimmer and also an “edger”. Though Makita markets this as a “2 in 1” tool, the truth is that all string trimmers are essentially 2 in 1 tools as all of them can act as an “edger”. You just have to hold them in a different angle, one that can tire you out more however Makita’s implementation of a pivoting and rotating head makes it easier for beginners.

This feature is usually found on budget brands like Worx and Black + Decker. With some like the Worx that even had an added wheel to make edging even easier.

Makita 18V String Trimmer XRU24Z telescoping handle

This Makita model also adds a telescoping shaft. It allows it to extend from 48-1/4” to 56-1/2” to better fit your needs.

Makita 18V String Trimmer XRU24Z – Features Continued

User comforts don’t end there as it also has a tool-free adjustable loop handle with tightening knob. This is nice because you can adjust it by hand without any tools needed. Other brands do require you to use tools to adjust the handle, although it’s not that big of a deal as you really only need to set it up once.

Makita 18V String Trimmer XRU24Z bump feed

On the business end, it’s good to see it has a pro feature, the ability to bump feed. I also like that it has a metal bump feed face for added durability and semi-polished finish for style points.

Makita 18V String Trimmer XRU24Z in action

One feature I didn’t see any mention of but should be is the inclusion of a shoulder harness. This is a nice feature to have as it offloads much of the weight onto your shoulders and back and one comes included. This helps for less arm fatigue.

Makita 18V String Trimmer XRU24Z – Specs

As far as specs go, it uses a single line and uses rather thin 0.065″ line. It has a very small cutting swath of 10-1/4 inches. These two numbers make it pretty low end where it counts. Dewalt’s first 20V string trimmer offers dual line with larger 0.080″ line and a cutting swath of 13 inches. The Makita does however have a brushed motor that is rated for a no load speed of 7,800 RPM that goes higher than Dewalt’s original 20V model.

My thoughts are that this model has the specs and design of a homeowner grade model but with the quality fit and finish you expect from Makita. It sits between a budget model from a brand like Ryobi in terms of design and specs but falls below the specs found on a pro brand like Dewalt. The closest thing I could find in terms of specs was a bottom of the barrel Ryobi 18V model that also has a single 0.065″ line and 10 inch cutting swath priced at $59.

This 18V model even has similar stats to Makita’s 12 volt model! That’s not to say Makita doesn’t have better models as they have others with far better specs and features that go head to head with the pro brands as Makita is a pro brand themselves. This model though is clearly a lower spec’d entry into their system, possibly to hit either a lower price point (though not that low price as you’ll see below). Or to cater to someone who needs a beginner friendly model that’s already in the Makita system.

Makita 18V String Trimmer XRU24Z – Availability

Makita says this will be available in May 2023. Though it is available on Amazon as a pre-order at $144.46 as a baretool at the time of writing. This is an odd price as it’s not quite that low to be budget friendly. Even Dewalt’s original 20V string trimmer is currently priced at $129 (baretool) which is far better spec’d for less @ $129.

Though when it comes to battery powered outdoor power equipment, Makita isn’t known to be budget friendly.

If you want to stay in the Makita system and want a better 18V string trimmer, I suggest this model for only about $15 more (at time of writing) you get a better machine with larger cutting swath of 13 inches, dual larger 0.080″ line, and two speed brushless motor, check out this Makita 18V model instead. Though it doesn’t have the beginner friendly features, it has superior performance and specs which is where it counts the most in my opinion.

Makita 18V String Trimmer XRU24Z

  • Compact size ideal for precision trimming and edging
  • 2-tools-in-1: 180º rotating head allows the trimmer to convert to edger
  • Telescoping shaft (48-1/4” to 56-1/2”) for optimum cutting position
  • Adjustable 5-position pivoting head for cutting angle adjustment when trimming in tight spaces
  • Makita-built motor delivers 7,800 RPM for faster cutting
  • Up to 1 hour of run time with 18V LXT® 4.0Ah battery (battery not included)
  • Adjustable loop handle for convenient operation
  • Includes easy-loading bump and feed trimmer head with metal reinforced bump knob
  • Equipped with Star Protection Computer Controls™ to protect against overloading, over-discharging and over-heating
  • 3-year limited warranty

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